How to invest into startups

I would like to invest into startups with high earnings potential.
What’ s a good resource to find good startups?

It starts with how much you want to invest and you are looking for eq stake or invest in few for fixed return etc?

i mean, say 10-15k usd, can wait long term till IPO happens, say up to 5-7 years, but need more than 10x earning opportunity

Personal opinion - if it is considered as “good startup” then I am sure their valuation will be high and they generally look for someone who can pump in few millions.

If it’s not a good startup, it means their idea may not be successfully and about to close or they are at very young stage. You can try get in touch with their founders (LinkedIn, friends, newspaper, hackathon etc). Unfortunately there is no NSE,bse that have list of all startups.

Remember, for big investors, usually 1 out of 10 startups make it big and that gives 100+x returns.

you can check sites like and register as an investor

I personally do not prefer to invest in startups unless it is too promising. It is because startups do not have a previous history so its performance data cannot be obtained for a longer period of time.