How to know if a stock is sensitive or not? Basically i am looking for scrips that move a lot(2 to 15%) a day

Hello Rahul,

There are various reasons to why scripts move a lot. Could be a news,results,promotion. . . BETA value.

The script with high beta value will move a lot with respect to those with lower beta values so find such scripts.

A simple trick,

At end of the day,

1] Open NIFTY 50 scripts list.

2] Add NIFTY to the list.

3] Click on % column so that list will get sorted as per % gains/loss.

4] Find NIFTY in list

Stocks which out performed NIFTY have moved a lot in general so trade any of such stock having higher beta value.

Hope that helps,happy trading :).

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Thanks HimJ, really appreciate it.