How to know when to exit a mutual fund scheme?

i does not know much about mutual funds , but i think you select time at the starting of investing , please search about mutual funds article on google , i think you will get your answer there , but i can tell you that mutual funds can give you approximately 10 percent return per year but are subject to market risks.

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Mutual Fund is better, but you can invest on other opportunities also.

Anyways, Mutual fund dont have graph, you can only predict by analyzing the funds that they alloted to different companies. Mostly they invest in many sectors…do some research and find out how each sector is growing. Just like Manufacturing companies are earning good growth rather than chemical industries. Pharma Sector is good than energy sector. So predict the total overall result where they are going in near future. If you predict that XYZ mutual has invested in top gainer sectors and few funds alloted to mid cap companies, then they are good enough…and you can easily exit when there is a downfall of major sectors.

Next year 2nd quarter is difficult for may sectors…so be prepared for big downfall. Hope it helped. i recommend to avoid Mutual Fund and look towards gold. As its the best choice for investment since last 10000 Years :slight_smile:

Good Luck :slight_smile:

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