How to know which time is best to execute a straddle?

hey @Streak

Can you help me decide the right time to execute a straddle??

say for instance, is 9:30 straddle better than 10:30 straddle??

plz help me on this.

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you should backtest first and check results for both time to get better idea

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hello @Bobby_Axelrod1

This is quite easy using Streak, you can create a 9:30 straddle first and make a copy of the same and modify the entry conditions to get 10:30 straddle.

Now after the backtest is performed, comparatively you can check which works well.

Refer to the image below, for 9:30 vs 10:30 straddle:

Hope this helps


thanks for the sample comparison its quite evident!!

Try backtesting. It will give you a better idea.