How to know who was strong at that time?

Markets open at 9.15 after 2 hours of trading who is strong seller are buyers,

In this two hours price open at 8550 go up to 8570 drop to 8530 and then trading at 8551 ,

now who is strong with volumes bear are bull. volume bar show the volume traded in that particular time period.

But i want to know who invest more seller are buyers. i see lot of time a big candle with big volume bar after that market turn around and travel to opposite side to that big volume and candle why?

hElLO tRaDeR,

The BULL or BEAR sentiment in any market depends on whether if

1) Shares are been SOLD OFF at BID prices or if

2) Shares are been BOUGHT IN at ASK prices.

when the sellers become FEARFUL and decides to SELL off their holdings at any price they can get from the MARKET it forms a RED VOLUME CANDLE.

when the buyers become CONFIDENT and decides to BUY in on any price they can find in the MARKET it forms a GREEN VOLUME CANDLE.

This explains why the Market turns south after a BIG VOLUME Candle , BUT is RED

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You will see big volumes when a price becomes attractive to the buyers or vice versa. This is due to the price range which is attractive for the Bulls o Bears and they are not hesitant of getting in the position. When these market orders comes in picture, you will see a drastic/ surprising increase in buyers and sell and the candles will head south ways.

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It all depends on where the big volume candle has appeared. You have to see if the big volume candle has happened at the start of a move or after the price has already moved much. If the price has already moved a long way and then a big volume candle appears it could signify “End of Move” and the market could retrace or even reverse from there as the sellers will overwhelm the buyers and vice versa.

@ kishy I can see what you are referring to, there is an easy way to identify this. You can take this as a final blow from bears or the bulls (Who so ever are losing).
You referring to Marubozu, which is itself a indicator candle for Trend reversal. This candle will have no shadows and will only cost of Body. You always see a Dozi or spinning top before this candle.