How to make syntax for below tracker

I want to get alert if volume on 1 min candle is more than some value Say X alert me
Ex: in real time if Volume in last 1 min for SBI is more than 3Lakh alert me

Sentinel’s VolumeTraded function generates alerts for volume traded on a full-day basis

For a 1-min candle level alert, you might want to use Streak’s Scanner (More specifically their Live Scans)

Yes, you can easily create this is Streak. The condition is as plain as writing English

Volume(0) higher than 300000

But over streak every time I have to go login, run a scan, Identify the stock and then go for trade, its practically impossible to run the scan manually every min of the trading day. Is it possible with streak that it runs the scans in background automatically based on predefined conditions and generate the alerts on kite web as and when the conditions are met.

Did you some how find the way to do it? I would like to know, if yes!

Does Sentinel generates pop up kite web alerts for the conditions met?