How to maximize a profit in Intraday?

How to maximize a profit in Intraday ??

  1. Fix your target before Entry of any Trade.
  2. Stick to Point 1.
  3. Avoid Emotions If trade not went in your way exit as soon as possible.
  4. Don’t take any trade just for the shake of you have to take a trade.
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If u want maximum profit intraday, somebody has to make maximum loss😇 intraday. U r searching at wrong place. In this forum all r small players playing ranji😝

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Dear Yatin,

A stock price movement either up or down is decided by so many factors. Since you are looking for intra day profit maximation it will be very rewarding if you trade stocks with news. News on stocks could be either positive or negative and that leads to creating sentiment on a stock. Sentiment is the only factor that creates volatility on the participants preferences (fellow traders) to either buy or sell stocks.

Let us assume that we have decided the stock we want to trade, the next question comes how to maximize profit intra day. My suggestion for this is as soon as the stock you trade performs in the direction of your trade by 1% then you can trial your stop to entry and leave it, this is one method to keep riding on the profits and maximize your returns since you will be trading mis, Zerodha will take necessary care to exit your trade at 3.21.

At least 8 out 10 times the stocks with news in the last 30 minutes gives your surprise movements.

For example please refer to Reliance infra’s performance on 3rd Oct 2017 chart - look for the last 45 minutes

Another method is to keep booking out partial quantities let us say every 1% performance in the direction of your trade like book 25% quantity with every 1% performance.

Hope this helps

With best wishes.

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if you want to make the intraday trades profitable then have a look to the following points

Before Buying or selling, identify those stocks which you are going to buy or sell .if you are going to trade tomorrow then identify it today.

Then find that how much points those stocks going up or down.

Then find at which points you are going to buy or sell(i.e. entry,exit ,target)

Then note the news and analyse its impact for the stocks movements.

       Sometimes discuss with others regarding those news.
        Find the support resistance level.

       Never buy in single orders(if you are going to buy 100 quantity then split it into 10 lots. when that stock will go down you will buy and when it will move up you will sell.)

Note-Keep a note copy with you so that when you are buying in such low volume then you can access the buying and selling value. it is always difficult to remember such high volume data.

After placing orders simultaneously check the news updates on those stocks.

when a stock is not moving according to you after one or two hour then square off it @ small profit or small loss.

if a stock has started going down after your order then square off it immediately @ small loss.

if a stock has started moving up then donot sell it immediately,sell it partially.

Always use stoploss strictly by identifying support and resistance level.

if you cannot afford the large stoploss then do not go for that stock