How to modify Target & trigger SL in one go of executed bracket Order for the huge quantity trade?

While trading I have face problem of modifying target and Trigger SL of Bracket Orders in Huge quantity. If say I trade 1000qty buy of Nifty futures at 6850 It gets executed in more then one trade hence accordingly Target and Trigger SL been seen on pending Orders as different rows and if I need to modify those it takes longer time. Modification should have been easier as per the quantity of 1000Nifty in one go. Await your reply.

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Yeah, if your one bracket order gets executed in multiple orders, it will be a little tricky to modify target & SL, you will have to individually do that. We are trying to figure a way out for this.

Any update on this?

Due to various other priorities this was delayed but currently in our top list of things to provide, will take more time though.

Could somebody please help me with this query, I bought 100 shares of xyz stock in bracket order, now it got executed in 19 different orders, I had set a target of 10 rs , now I want to change it to 6, how do i modify all the 19 orders target to 6 in one go ?

Doing it individually will take ages and might miss on the price while doing it. Any suggestions?

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For now one has to do manually for all orders but we are working for a way around this, will take time though.

Any updates on this ?
Can I exit multiple orders executed through BO from the positions menu ?
Will the multiple orders executed through BO shown as a single or multiple lots under positions ?

You have to go to order book and select any leg and click on exit, all corresponding legs will be traded at one shot.

Will be shown as one row only for every product type per individual scrip.

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thank you :pray:

What is the status of this? Can we edit our target/exits of multiple trades in one single shot instead of doing it 500 times? Before we manage to individually edit them, they already go past control.

Any update on the timelime.for.this please ?

No timeline on this.