How to participate in Quess OFS

Hi, Please let me know how to participate in Quess OFS which opens on 24th Nov for Retail.

. You can apply it on q back office

Thanks. However, i don’t see Quess OFS in q-back office (it has opened today for non-retail). I think it is already available in ICICI direct and other brokers.

The window in Q will only be open on the day the retail subscription is open and not before.

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Still doesn’t show in q back-office even though ofs is already open

i also want to apply for ofs. not able to view…

It is showing now

Thanks, i see it now.

NSE shows cutoff determined based on yesterday’s bids at 851.10…does this mean all retail bids between cutoff of 800 and 851.10 will be rejected? (BSE shows 837)
Should I bid at 851.10 to get the allotment? Want to confirm as i did not get allotment in some of the ofs in the past even though i applied at cutoff.

Just Tick Mark the CUTOFF Price. If you will be Lucky You’ll get it.

I have the same question, the prices of quess is 925 right now. I have never participated at an OFS. What should I fill at the following:

Floor price Bid quantity Bid price Cutoff price

Fill The Quantity and Tick the Cutoff Price and Save. If you really wanna Buy.

A charge of Rs.20+GST per order will be charged for all OFS orders regardless of allotment…???
Why you guys Charging Rs.20+GST???
It Used to be Free before This OFS.

Please increase the time upto which we can place bids so that we can modify our bids accordingly. Cause most of the time in the ending hours more orders come in
I understand even zerodha has to process but please consider increasing OFS time from 2:30 pm to 3:00 pm
Thanks :grin: