How to place a stop loss and target in Expert advisor Exit Long and Exit Short?

I’d like to add a script in Exit Long and Exit short section which will exit my position if it is in a 10% profit or exit my position if it is in a loss of 3%. How to code this?

In Expert Advisor there will be only one buy and one sell script columns to create an EA,

If you want to check for Exit scripts also then you can create another new Expert Advisor with Exit buy and sell and can apply the both at a time

Hi AlgoGeek,
Can you please elaborate on your point? or better can you please share the code for the same. That would be great. Thank you.

Edit: I’m currently working on a compound script that takes into account multiple indicators and it seems to work fine. The only issue I’m facing is placing a stop loss. For example: I want to buy when the RSI is under 30 and sell when the RSI is over 50 OR if there’s a dip of 1% (whichever occurs first.)

Did you get your answer…even I looking for the exit script.