How to place bracket orders on Kite platform?

Bracket orders on Kite seems to be different compared to that on Pi. Can someone explain me in detail how to place brackets along with an example.


BO in Kite has actually been greatly simplified.

Check out the screenshots attached. Quite self explanatory.

Things to keep note of:

The Target and Stoploss are relative to the Limit price you enter at. So, in the above example, 

  • Entry is at 400
  • Stoploss is at 400 - 20, which is 380.
  • Target is at 400 + 50, which is 450.
  • The stoploss will trail your target with every 1 rupee movement towards the target.
  • Note that the trailing is optional and the minimum trailing stoploss can be 1 rupee. And brackets can be used only for intraday. 

Hope that helps! :-)


Today I shorted 900 NIFTY 7700 CE @174.9 under BO ORDER with stoploss and target 30 points each.I put trailing stop loss with 5.but it was not properly executed though it was reached 130.from 130 it went 220.but my profit was lost when it was traded at 174.9.I would have earned profit had it been closed around 140 because trailing stop has put at 5 profit should be capprd.why this happened.please clarify.

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sir mukkara bhai, how is zerodha kite connect, its working properly or not

I think the Stop Loss and Target in the Bracket Order Section have been converted to absolute. Can someone please confirm this ?

Nothing has changed in this regard.

Hi Nikhil… Good Day! @Matti

Whenever i place bracket order, i use SL order with trigger price and entry price. But i have noticed that the order is executed at my trigger price instead of the entry price. can you pls help me understand why this is happening?