How to place sell order when it reach to particular price


I am bit confused to place order in kite for the below scenario.

My intention is to sell nifty future at market price when it reaches to greater price(trigger price) of current price.

example: current price is 11527, i am interested to sell at market price when it reaches to 11557.

Can you please help me how to place the order in kite?

You can do so by placing Sell SL-M Order.

It has been explained in detail here.

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Thank you for the response!

will it work when i do not have buy positions in my account?

In this case, it will create fresh short position. Also, these orders are valid only for a day, if not executed they will automatically vanish at the end of the day after market closes.

If you want orders for multiple days, you can explore GTT. You can learn more below post.

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I tried to sell banknifty future, but it failed.

The SL-M Order cannot be placed at price higher than LTP, the price should be lower than LTP. If you want to Sell at price higher than LTP, you will have to use Limit Order.

Yeah. it look i should use Limit order, there is no guarantee it will complete the execution even the market touched that limit level right.

If there are sellers at that price it will execute. Also, limit order allows you to buy or sell a stock at the price you have set or a better price. For your Limit Sell Order, it will execute at limit Price or higher (since it is better price) but not lower than your limit price (since it isn’t better).

Thank you for the explanation. Much appreciated.

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