How to place strategy in streak in ze

I want to trade with strategy. My strategy is I want to buy or sell at opening price of the day and want to exit by buying or selling at previous day closing price. Condition there should be at least one (1) percent difference between opening and closing while entering trade. Please guide me how to place this strategy in streak in zerodha.

@Streak can you.

Hi @123mohan,

You can use the following for the short strategy.

Similarly, you can create the Long strategy. Note that this will be checked on candle closing basis and not on LTP basis.

Thank you very much for your guidance.
I need one more help please tell how to code for NO TRADE WHEN THERE IS GAP UP AND GAP DOWN.
This code I want to insert in my strategy. Please guide.

Instead of creating a condition for NO TRADE WHEN THERE IS GAP UP AND GAP DOWN, Create a condition for Trade when this happens

Opening Range (Open) is lower than equal to Prev N( -1, Day, High) OR
Opening Range (Open) is higher than equal to Prev N( -1, Day, Low)