How to place target on Market Order?

I am a beginner and I have a basic question,
I don’t like to use BO or CO and I don’t like to place stoploss on Intraday MIS however I like to place target.
So if I buy a stock e.g SBI at 250 as simple Market Price. Now after sometime I want to add a target price e.g 255. Now how will I do that? Is it limit order ? Because it doesn’t work.

You could achieve that with a sell-limit order at 255.

I did, it didn’t work.

e.g, I bought SBI intraday @ 250 rs and LTP is between 251-252 but my target is 254.
now if I click exit from position then select Limit Order at 254 then it automatically square off my position at current market price. That’s the issue.

No, It wouldn’t work in that manner. Elaborating on your example, if you bought in at 250 and want to set a target at 254 you will have to fire another sell-limit order at 254, that’s two separate orders. Exiting the position will always give you the CMP. This is the reason why a BO is the more convenient option, it preserves capital and effort. And if you are set against setting stop loss you could set a broad SL, that way you can achieve everything you want with half the capital since BO gets you more leverage.

Yeah but since stop-loss can be automated in every section why there aren’t a automated Target setting option after taking a position?? I mean we should have all the options right ?

It shouldnt do that, send screenshot to Zerodha support with what trade u did

I use this multiple times and it wont sell until price reaches 254