How to place this unique order using bracket order?

I used to trade based on previous lows and highs.I want to place the following example orders:

Example 1:

Current price : 101

My order:  -- > Sell below 99.8 , Target 99 stop loss 101.1

Example 2:

Current price: 999

My order: Buy above 1001 , target 1010 stop loss 995

Once target or stop loss achieved ,the other order should be automatically canceled (like Bracket order)

How to place such order?

Note : I use only KITE , so plz let me know how to place such order


Currently bracket orders don’t have the option of entering using triggers. You can use only limit orders (or markets by making the limit much higher than LTP in case of Buy and lower in case of Sell).

So both the examples that you have put up, not possible currently as they both have triggers to enter the order.

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Thanks Nithin.But it is quite common to trade based on triggers.Is there any plan to include this to KITE?I 'v also raised a support ticket on this.