How to prevent account being dormant?

When there has been no trading activity for 12 consecutive months, exchanges consider the account dormant and deactivate it.
How to prevent this, do we need to do successful transaction every 12months or even failed delivery trading count as active?
Basically is it possible to do buy and forget without account getting dormant?
Does zerodha notify at 12th month that account is not being used instead of sending mail after account being inactive?

Hi @GuestTrader

Yes. There needs to be one successful transaction in each segment for your account to remain active for that particular segment.

We consciously do not send any alert to our clients keeping in mind that it may construe to be trade inducement.

Therefore, we send you a mail once your account is dormant so that you can activate it in case, you need to buy or sell something. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. I Wish there was some option to get notified before account being dormant.