How to Purchase the CNC Order

Hello Expert, I am purchasing the share for long period and using CNC.
My question is

  1. Is it necessary to purchase the share only trading time?
  2. I have tried it 2 times after trading time (after 3.30) than the order get rejected.

Please guide me how to purchase the share to hold is long period , I am not much aware about the this process. Sorry if my question is silly.


No, but its best.

This is because at that time market are closed.
So . to purchase the share to hold is long period , do what you’re doing but in market hours not after that.

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After 4 pm, you can place after market order

But you need to select on option called AMO it is there in the Trade Window below in Other options i think

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If you don’t mind can you please explain about AMO?

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purchase during market trading hours .why you want to purchase after market hours ? even if your broker provide you the facility ( it is not provided by exchanges but broker specific ) of order PLACEMENT after market hours ,the EXECUTION of trade will only take place during market hours.

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