How to put both stop loss and target order after buying stocks?

Suppose I bought some xyz stock either in mis or cnc or normal.

Now the transaction was done and I am able to see it in my positions or holdings.

Now I wanna put an order something like it should have both stop loss and target orders.

How can I do that?

Hi @vvn2023,

You cannot place one order for both target and stoploss, you will have to place them both separately. In case you have taken the first position as CNC, then you can either put target or stop loss only( Alternatively, you can use sentinel to generate alerts for the same). If you are doing this on intraday, then you will have to place one Sell order, using the product as MIS and order type as Limit to keep your target to sell higher. For the stoploss, since you have a long position, you will have to put a sell stop loss to sell if the price goes down below a particular trigger price, to achieve this you have two orders, either off which can be placed, the SLM order with trigger only or a sell SL order with trigger price and limit price, the limit price has to be lower than the trigger price. You can look at Bracket orders for placing all the three orders together if you are doing this on intraday.

More on Bracket Order: link
More on stoploss: link


Oh. Cool.

Can I have a stoploss order with trailing.

Like the trigger show change based on the changes in the stock.

If it is going up, I need the trigger to go up.

Under Bracket Order, the option of placing a trailing stop loss is available but not under regular stop loss orders. Under bracket order the trailing stop loss has to be in whole numbers, for ex. 1, 2, etc. If the current market price of the scrip goes up by Rs 1, only then will the stop loss move by 1 point.