How to put SL for buy . An screenshot is welcome.

How to place Stop Loss while buying a share and vice versa. A screenshot is welcome.

Here’s a post explaining how to use Stoploss orders:

The above Stoploss orders are valid only for a day, if you want to use long-standing stoploss for stocks in your holdings, you can use GTT orders. More on GTT orders here:

I want to place the order like this below . In intraday. Say . E.g .

If nifty future price breaks the day high . Then buy call strike 18000 . 1lot . And sell call strike 17900 . 2 lots .

How do I do it?

While buying a share, putting stop-loss means you want to stop where the price goes below a price, against your direction. Click on position and select exit, and select limit order and your stop-loss price and place the order @VM_ZIBBU