How to receive all bulletins?

How does one ensure to receive all the Zerodha bulletins in email or telegram app?

Today at 1:42 pm a bulletin announcing a change of auto square-off time in equities was announced. And the change in square-off time applied from today. I didn’t know about it and ended up with a rejection of all exit orders at 3:18 pm. Hence, will be charge “call and trade charges” today.

It was only in the evening I realize that such a bulletin was issued (and normally important messages get flashed on kite terminal. This message didn’t come up on Kite anywhere. And that’s a little disappointing.)

How do I subscribe or ensure, all bulletins issued here can be delivered to my mailbox or telegram app?

Note: I do see a subscribe button. But, when I click on on it just shows this below XML file

with a message “This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.”

If you use any app which supports rss feed, you can get to read there all updates.

use feedly