How to recover losses from the Equity market

I was in loss purchasing 2 stocks Greencrest and amsons 2 days back , Starting it seems to be pretty good but 2 days later it started falling gradually, Can any one help recovering losses from the market

This is the biggest mistake Retail Invester do.
Why you brought these Stocks?
Why not choose Quality Stocks from Nifty50, Midcap, FO Stocks.

Coming back to your question @Praneeth_Chitrapu

This “Greencrest” stock came in Strong Uptrend from 1 Sep 2017 and This stock started down trend from 12 Oct 2017. And Its look like it will continue Downtrend for upcoming sessions because It has crossed 50 EMA, 20 EMA, 10 EMA, 5 EMA.
I also notice one thing that Before 12 Oct 2017 Volumes in Stock is good but after 12 Oct 2017 volumes has been decreased. It looks like people have booked their profit and many have exit from their long positions from the stock.

Bro, Zerodha has taken huge education initiative thr Zerodha Varsity. First pass through it successfully. U can recover ur losses.

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Did you get SMS to buy these stocks?

Don’t blindly buy any stocks, check for few things before buying
free float shares
Daily volume
Market cap

If you get confidence, then invest.

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Exactly brother, I got a msg that it is a multi bagger, to make my portfolio look good I placed that order, that screwed me,

this is like buying unwanted stuff when retailers offer 50% discount. We only see Discount part not whether is it is worth the 50% value or whether it is that urgently required.

Cheating is major source of Business everywhere. if you get any offer raise this Question " Why he is offering me, instead he himself can benefit from this ? "

Putting money in non index stocks a bit dangerous should be left to experts. New investors /. Traders better stick to index stocks or at least FNO stocks. Avoid non FNO stocks.

There agencies working to liquidate ill-fated company shares to retailers through these cunning methods.

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I suggest you onec watch: Wolf of wall street movie.

Dont miss this.

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