How to redeem funds

i invested in Indiabulls liquid fund. I want to understand how i can i redeem my funds. when i invested in two funds, i got folio number from Kotak, but i havent recceived any folio number from Indiabulls. is this an issue?


The folio number for your investments reflects on COIN also, if you click on the drop down arrow next to the P&L column in the PORTFOLIO for the respective fund. But, if the AMC has not provided you a statement with the folio number then you would have to enquire about the same with the AMC.

Also, when you are investing through COIN, your units are held in demat mode then your DP ID is more significant than the folio number. If you wish to have a proof of investment, then you can generate the demat account statement by checking the procedure on this link.


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