How to reduce fear while trading?

How to reduce fear while trading? My heart beats fast and i become restless when i take F&O trade!

that should be controlled, in long term that will invite so many diseases,
Try to be professional in trades,
concentrate on your own set process than targets that will reduce your fear,
and dont expect profit all the time…think it as business to stabilise emotions.


There is no quick fix on this.

Certain human emotions take years to bring it under control. And Fear is one of them.

Give it 2 years and the heart wont care about your trades anymore.


So better to trade in equity. Your fear may reduce :slight_smile:

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Only if you are a newbie -
Do one thing donate 1 lakhs rs (or whatever your margin is ) to any NGO of your choice.
Don’t give them money yet, consider in your mind that they have returned you the money to invest properly on their behalf (in this case GOD will be a good choice as she naturally loves you)
Now trade as if you are not trading for yourself.
Once you have tripled your margin.
Go and honor your pledge. Put back 1 lakh in bank account.
Now you have miraculous generated 1 lakhs of rupees out of no where.
Trade fearlessly with it


trade less …
increase the quantity slowly


reduce your trading quantity, i use to do worth 50000, leverage 10lakhs and i was restless, then i reduce the quantiy till i think that i am ok with those losses. then increased the quantity, slowly, earning money from the getgo should never be the aim for a trader. learning is the first thing. then i started to increase the volume,


Set trades and go for picnic.

I spend 1 hr/day in open market at Pc screens.
9:30 to 10:15 and 2:45 to 3:00.

That’s all. I doing it consistently from last 3 month.


Thanks everyone for replying. People says that beginners should do paper trade. I have not fully understood what paper trade is. Can you tell me how to start paper trade? I have loss 11% in 10 months

Paper trade is nothing but trading on paper. You don’t trade practically but just mentally take positions in different stocks/ index etc. Note down your positions on paper & analyse them over time throughout the day (for intraday) & throughout the monthly cycle (for swing trades usually F&O) & see if u are profitable.
You will get to learn alot by doing this. Yes it seems exciting n very interesting to many newbies but for people who have traded in real , they get real bored with paper trading , actually the very thought of it might make it boring!!

Next ideal way is to trade only 1 share quantity at a time. That will give u far better insight to markets because emotions will come into play no matter even if its 1 share traded per position. And what practical experience offers you can never be gained through paper trading or back testing.

Trading in realtime is a great learning experience.


To paper trade go to Paper Trading platform
Also NSE Paathshala and moneybhai also good.

Have you observed or made a note of what causes fear in you when you take a trade?

I already loss 11% . And i am afraid of losing more

The issue you are facing is called as “Loss Aversion”. This is basically a mental bias which is common in all humans. As per research the pain of loss of Rs 100 is 2.5 more than Gain of Rs 100.

I am also a beginner and still learning and had lot of fear in my initial days.

  1. I figured out my fear is mainly because of too large positions. (Now I take 1 Lot instead of 3 - 10 lots and if the position is my favor I add more lots or exit if SL hit)

  2. It’s a good idea to first trade in equities for few weeks with small quantity which don’t cause stress, once you are confident of your trading method and gain control then go for futures/options.

  3. I was trading with 5L capital initially and similar to you I faced losses due to my own MISTAKES. I LOST AROUND 1L. So I was trading mostly in fear that I may loss my capital. SO WHAT I HAVE DID TO OVERCOME THIS FEAR IS TRANSFERRED 3L TO MY BANK ACCOUNT. NOW TRADING WITH 1L CAPITAL WITHOUT MUCH FEAR. (I am now able to follow my strategy properly and generate profits on most of the trades)

  4. Study some positive attitude and motivational books for controlling you mind

Read this article to learn more about loss Aversion


Paper trading essential for trading strategy grip.

It will teach you discipline and you can make your trading plan.

only problem with that it does not teach you emotion intelligence(EMOTION CONTROL).

check my channel for more basic info.

best thing i have learn from my mentor is.

if possible use BAR CHART ONLY.

all things in trading industry designed you to make you emotionally unstable.
candle color mostly influence newbie traders.avoid it.


will you share how you lose?

doesn’t follow rule of trading plan?

or anyother reason.

I bought 1 lot nifty future on 24th Nov 2017 depending on macd buy signal. I was cool and relax thinking that the nifty will go up. But after 2 days it fell sharply and i exit! It was my first future positional trade. After that i have not take any nifty positional trade yet. In July 2017 i was in 5% profit trading in equity without having much technical knowledge but now im in loss… Now i am following for some idea to know nifty direction. I only want to trade in nifty50 index fut

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Welcome to world of trading.

  1. Never trade from one only indicator signal.cimbine 2 or more for better probabilities.
  2. Always prepare your target,risk,stoploss level.all your activities before entering trade.
    Never allow your mind to think what to do next when trade is on.
  3. 1 trade has element of luck.But,combine 50 or 100 trade result and if you achieve profit,it is skill.
  4. Never ever predict market.just follow your trading system rule.

First find what trading strategy you use.
Write down rule of entry, exit, management.follow strictly until 50+ trade or 3 to 6 month.

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