How to remove CNC position from Positions tab

During my running F&O trade, if I end up selling a Holding stock, it starts showing up in the Positions tab and messes up the MTM calculation for the F&O positions.

Is there a way to configure for CNC items to not show up in Positions tab?


Filter by NFO

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Aah, I see. Thanks a lot!

Didn’t notice the tiny filter button.

@Jason_Castelino I don’t see this option in the Kite website. Just available on phone app. I there a way to filter on the website?

Ah. Not sure. I am just like any other zerodha user. I was aware of the feature in app and that’s why I replied. May be somebody from zerodha can help you.
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Hi @Randhir

This is on our to-do list. Thanks for the feedback. We’ll keep you posted on this.

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Any ETA, even roughly?