How to save the profitable trade from the experts suggestions

Can you share your experience on the profitable trade going into loss making trade due to sudden experts suggestions.

I have facing these types of situations in my trades

Did your own profitable trade go into a loss because of someone else’s suggestions?

Yes @Srinivas sir sometimes expert suggestions on TV make sudden spike, i saw this trend not continue but it is enough to trigger stoplosses
what i do is I use this spike to reduce or in weak market to close all positions.


Yes sudersukani and aswani gujural

Always mis guide people for their own gains.

They suggest some stocks for buying and with in three days they told to sell the same stocks


Why do you watch TV anyways, take cues from actual news and not expert suggestions. Some of them pay to appear in TV channels (not paid by TV channels so you know what is the intention)

I would suggest,

  1. Stop watching or reading all the sources where you get these expert suggestions/opinions.
  2. Always go by charts
  3. Use trailing stop loss
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You are right bhai
I was thinking about this problem not for me but for all,
The idea is like, if we are going to take trade for intraday we should complete the trade with in half an hour maximum

Those experts view will not affect us at all

Although, I don’t follow their Advice.
But, Today On CNBC some expert Give a BUY call in BATA and to my Surprise I saw Increase in Volumes, on Chart it was clear Downtrend.

I knew it will Fall Drastically, and Yes Stock fall.
So, yes They totally misguided for their own Profit and to create Panic.

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Today I have observed that jk paper was going down when nifty was going down some people were bidding more than 20000 quantity in single lot below the execution point.

They were canceling the orders instantly . also this activity was happening frequently.

Actually they were not buyers but purely paid operators

I only turn on tv if nifty shows abnormal move . 6 Months back when i was new i used to watch tv whole day. I also made some note to track expert advice. That expert advice wont help but i learn that this type of sudden rise should be use to reduce or close positions. Till today i had never buys for this experts.

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Yes, It’s Very common in stock market.

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@ganesh07, @Lets_Invest
I had studied about this type of manipulators from different websites but today it was happening in front of my screen

That’s Good. You Learned it

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