How to secure the future as a trader?

what are the other secured investment areas other than Bank FD and real estates?as i know only these both. as a trader i know we have to secure the present (capital) and i always believe in quote

“take care of today,it will take care of tomorrow”

no ideas about mutual funds,insurance etc want to know is there anything else other than these.and if somebody is going to answer on mutual funds and insurance i just want to know about risk-returns of these.

Thanks in advance.

when i also start trading , i also feels like this , remember make good strategy , you will earn very good profit continuously , take my example i am earning regular profit per month , market has very breadth remember this , first learn all the basics and mind my words do not trust stock tips providers , they all are stupid persons and does not know anything , if they know anything , why can't they themselve earn profit

Just apply stop loss

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Can someone explain the various strategies and how they develop them?