How to see all the Logs (funds, buying, selling) for my Zerodha account?

I have Zerodha account. I want to see all the logs. Mainly where all I spent my added funds and what kind of deductions happen? It is hard to track. Also, what all orders I placed, executed, accepted, rejected etc.

All the debits and credits in your trading account are accounted for in your Q-Backoffice Ledger. You can access Q directly from within Kite.
You can also view your Holdings page in Kite/Q to keep a track of your investment value and P&L. You can additionally use the contract notes to verify all the entries in your ledger.
You can also make use of the Q-Backoffice P&L statement(under Reports) to view your profits/losses over any selected period of time.

We only receive a list of all executed orders at the end of the day and we update it in your Q-Backoffice Tradebook(under Reports). Please note that your tradebook only has a list of all executed orders. It does not show rejected orders. All rejected orders are cleared out of the system at the end of the day.

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