How to see market for 8 hours daily

How it is possible for see market 8 hours
Can anyone tell me any possible way to see market 8 hours without feel boring,and hesitation.
Can you tell me some ideas

I spend the time depends on market

  • When my positions are in Profit will listen my list of songs to enjoy

  • When my positions are in Loss will listen motivational speeches to stay strong to follow my rules


its not necessary to watch market continuously.
do analysis, study before market opens. let settle down market. place orders only if your level comes, set SL & or target. keep alerts on. set chart on screen & trading terminal on second screen & be relax. no need to watch the fluctuation of every second.
but keep in mind that, trading is a serious business, so love it. feeling boring in business indicates that you haven’t passionate it the business.
great people says: Do business which you love it! or Love to the business you are doing!

You will get habitual to this slowly, this will take time.

Deploy ALL of your capital as soon as market starts.
You wont get bored a bit. I promise!

If still getting bored, then your capital is very small as compared to your net worth. Increase your capital.

In extreme case of boredom, you can take loans from family and friends and deploy that capital.

If in a habit of putting SLs and doing systematic trading, then GOD save you from evil of boredom.

For very very serious terminal cases I suggest palliative care. To pass the time and make quality of life as comfortable as possible I suggest making 2-3 accounts on tweeter and troll the fintwit.

Good Bye and take care.

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