how to see multi frame in one click on single script? 1hr, 15mins& 5 mins

I want to watch multiframes time in just one click of any single script.
e.g. if I want to see charts of TATAMOTOR, so when I open tata motor script then I can see 1hr, 15mins and 5mins timeframe charts in just one click.

It’s pretty simple, You got three options,

1). If you have a big monitor then you can use the split screen option in TV (into 3 sides). It’s called as ‘Layout’ in trading view.

2). You can favorite your required time frames, that will appear on the top and you can easily navigate.

3). In trading view, You can simply type our time frame and it’ll change accordingly .
For example, you can just type 5 and 5 min TF chart will be ready for you!

(First option is the best one, but you need a bigger monitor and TV subscription or use zerodha TV chart (without any subscriptions )