How to see percentage change on Kite marketwatch?

I use Kite to trade. It is great that from today I can see absolute change in value on marketwatch from previous day close. But along with this I want to see % change also. How do I do that? 

You can use the toggle button to switch seeing between % change or absolute value change. Check the image below


Awesome Nithin this was much required, in Kite, adds a lot of value. Earlier had to log on to other sites to check these details

Fantastic feature. Looks good now.

Can the spelling be corrected? from “Toogle” to “Toggle”. :slight_smile:


This is awesome, I have been looking feature since from long time. Thanks Nithin!

Great !! Can you also implement it like Kite mobile App where both % and absolute values are displayed … like 45(2.5%)

:slight_smile: it has been corrected, don’t know how we missed

It happens sometime in software development. :slight_smile: