How to see the support and resistance in kite app?

In pivot, the supports and resistance are hard to see in real time for intraday, is there way to see it?
In the screenshot i can see only R3, but not able to see R1 & R3. Also only two supports are visible.

Experts pls guide us

@Lets_Invest, @Spaceship, @mac76 any idea about the above question pls?

Hold & drag down left mouse in the price bar, which is in right of chart. U will see all S,R lines.

Actually it’s not happening in kite android app.

Touch on the Price side of screen and Continue drag downward and adjust it until you see all the points.
You’ll able to see all the S&R points but the Candlesticks will shrink.


@Lets_Invest Thank you ,Got it. need to use two fingers to Zoom in and out

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