How to Select Mutual Fund in a very wise scientific method

Dear Zerodha,

Thanks for your previous replies to my query. My question to you is :

  1. How to chose best mutual fund and they put condition like : investment is subjected to market risk ! I would like to take low risk, not high risk! Please mention any mutual fund having low risk in the market.

  2. Also is there any minimum duration that i can’t withdraw mutual fund ? Is there any mutual fund with 3 months duration, with smart returns ?

  3. Do i need to pay to brokerage , while investing in mutual fund ? Tell me about Taxes and deductions…



Investment in Mutual Funds should be made from a long term perspective. 3 Months is too short a period to expect anything.

I like to look at the following factors while investing in MF’s

  1. Expense Ratio of the fund

  2. Turnover Ratio of the fund

  3. Fund manager longevity. The longer the better

  4. Past performance

Brokerage will be in the form of asset management cost. For example if you invest Rs.100, Rs.2 will be deducted as asset management fee. This fee will be collected over a period of 1 year. If you pull of your funds before 1 year an exit load will be levied.


thanks for advising me.