How to sell mutual funds bought on Coin outside of Coin?

just to convince myself that my mutual funds are not tied to Zerodha in anyway (because they are stored in demat after all) I want to access and sell some of my mutual funds outside of Coin platform. This gives me confidence that if some how I get locked out of Zerodha in the future I still have access to my mutual fund investments.

Has anyone sold their mutual funds bought on Coin on some other platform like MyEasi?

please help

Thank you!

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If you bought on coin then they are in demat form, so if you want to sell outside coin you can transfer to other demat form zerodha dp, not sure but I think other way is to convert to nondemat mode and sell but that process is lengthy.
So, no need to worry if they are in demat form, only thing is make sure your number and email is correctly updated because if there is any movement of stocks/mf from/to demat concerned authorities will send you sms and email so it will be easy for you to track.