How to sell some quantity from holdings

How to sell partial quantities from the position?
Suppose i trade for long position with 100 quantity, my first target achieved so i wish to sell 50% i.e. 50 quantity and wish to continue for second target with rest 50 quantity only. How would i achieve it ?

Watch Zerodha videos on Youtube on their channel

Can you be specific which video are you talking about ?

Go to “Holding”-> Hover over the position-> Click “Options” → Exit-> The order screen will pop up → Change the quantity from 100 to 50 and you’re done. This way, you would sell 50 and the remaining 50 will stay in the Holding.

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Thanks Neha,
This also works in MIS/BO/CO ???

Intraday orders like MIS will create a new short position instead of selling existing shares from Holdings. Therefore, keep the order type “CNC”.

MIS yes, but no partial exits in BO and CO.