How to set multiple target on streak

How to set multiple targets(atleast 3 targets) on deployed strategies…

Thanks for the help

Can you please elaborate your requirement?


I want to BUY nifty 6 lots
SL - 6lots -15points
Trgt 1- 2lots -15points
Trgt 2 - 2lots- 30points
Try 3 - 2lots- 45points
SL will be same for all 6lots
But target will be different.

How can we write above condition
On streak with any strategy.
How ever I checked on streak u have only 1 target…

Plz help with this… because if we take 3 different trade brokerage will be high…


Hi @Ashif_Ahmed,

Please note that Streak currently does not support absolute SL and you are stating your target in Points. Also, you are right. Streak does not support multiple SL for the same strategy. This cannot be currently implemented in the platform.

However, I have taken a note of your requirement and shall pass it on to the team.

For any further queries, you can write to [email protected].

Please deploy same strategy 5 time with different targets

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This is currently not possible.

But this has been noted. Shall pass on this request.

Hi why not you can copy same strategy 2 time.
1st Strategy has target of 1%
2nd Strategy has target of 2%
So you can have multiple targets. Logically you are trading in multiple lots. One position with one lot cant have multiple targets. Am i right?

Brokerage charges will be high

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It cannot be done at the same time. You should speak to their executives for more information or read the information on the website but I dont think it’s possible to set it that way.