How to short sell in equity

How to short sell in zerodha trader, there is only buy order window and sell order window but where is short sell window, if anyone provide screenshot it will be better, if not possible then atleast please tell me how to fill order entry…thanks…

“Short Sell” is nothing but a technical term given to reverse of “Buy first and then Sell” Hence Short’ing means " Sell first and then Buy" You dont need a seperate thing for a shot selling an equity. Example: Say DLF is trading at current last traded market price of Rs. 150 Then go to sell order window and sell it at market price of 150. Say after 5 minuts DLF share price fall at 145, now you go to Buy order window and Buy it at current market price of 145. Congratulation you just completed a “Short Sell” order and made a cool Rs. 5 in 5 minuts. :slight_smile: Equity: DLF Sell price : Rs. 150 Buy price : Rs. 145 Profit: 150-145=05 Trading : Short Sell Hope I was clear in explaining the core concept, which is same for every brokerage firm software or market. * Note: I don’t have an account with Zerodha yet, I am still learning. :slight_smile:

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