How to sqareoff from NSE NOW. Please explain in detail

Not getting Qty(%) field ? If I brought one share at 300 & want to sell at 325 how to do it?

There are multiple ways to square off your positions on NOW

1. You can place an equal and opposite order by selecting the scrip from your market watch. This is the basic way of entering and exiting positions by using F1 and F2.

2. You can use the Admin Positions window (F11) to view your open positions and choose any, many or all and hit the square off button. On the Admin Positions window you also have the option to square off just a percentage of the quantity. Check out the screenshot below.

3. If you have Equity holdings, you can square them off by accessing the Holdings menu by pressing Alt+F9 on NOW. However, this option doesn't work clean on NOW. It's better to square off your long term equity holdings by following the first step above.