How to Square off all automatically while profit crosses 50%?



I would like to Square off all my positions when my Q-total profit (Q-Total PL) reaches 50% of the total amount spent. How can i do this without sitting in front of terminal?

Last month I spent Rs.92100 and on Brexit result day, the Q-Total PL was near about Rs.53000 in the mid of the day. (More than 50%). Later in the evening, while I checked, it was showing a loss of Rs.4000 as the market recovered heavily. Hence to avoid this in future, I need to close trades automatically.

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hElLO tRaDeR,

SQUARING OFF many open positions at specific Q-TOTAL levels are not supported on Pi, Kite etc

However, this could be made possible by using Kite API , provided you have a tailor made trading terminal.

Thank you…Still waiting for a solution to get it done :slight_smile: