How to stop close (-1) pointing to the last day candle - in 15 min base timeline

Basically I want to avoid 9.15 candle, and its previous day candle when i am putting logic on 15 min candle.

Also how to add logic for not condition like candleoftime not 9.15

@TechnicalTrader any idea about the above query?

I have put some logic on 15 min candle, and I have done something like close(0) > close (-1) and close(-1) > close(-2), in this case i want to avoid 9.15 ( 15 min candle) and previous day last candle ( 3.15-3.30)

Pls suggest what can be done.


You cannot currently do this directly. Offset does not take the Day number into consideration currently. For example, an offset of -100 in 15min will look back to candles that formed 4 days before. So you cannot limit the lookback period to the current day’s candles only as of now.

However, a workaround that I can suggest is increasing the entry start time.

As per the above example, if you are using the offsets till -2 and you want to above 1st and previous day last candle, just update the entry start time to “10:01”. Because if the condition is true at 10:00 AM candle, the -1 and -2 candles will be of the same day (excluding the 1st candle of the same day) itself, which meets your requirement.

You can understand more about the entry start time from here Create (Basic) - Streak Help

Hope this helps!

thanks for the revert @TechnicalTrader !