How to subscribe for Trading holidays calender?

Is there any possible way to connect google calender with trading holidays calendar of nse? so we can get notified on the respective holiday??

and If any calendar that can enable to see all economic events on a calender such as quarter/annual reports major macro events etc…??


Interesting feature request. While trading holidays are pre-defined and the list is readily available, Kite now has Event feature which notifies of any upcoming financial event for a script. Maybe, combining both would provide a solution where one can sync it with Google Calendar to receive notifications for trading holidays, AGM/ Quarterly results/ Dividend payouts etc.

Yaa… it will be very convenient…
@siva sir… How can we do the above mentioned?

I am not sure how this will add value because if any holiday is coming it is well advertised upfront in the current digital/print/social media so everyone is aware. Anyhow nse holiday calendar is available or even we have zconnect post on holidays and we update even in our bulliten.

One can subscribe to our bulliten rss feeds for holidays, for others economic calender or corporate actions it is already available on event on kite marketwatch.

I need this. Please make it possible.

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You can add all the holidays to your Google calendar and you’ll get notifications. Link at the end of the post

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Sir, I tried to add that, the calendar is available but the calendar is blank…
I mean we can subscribe to that but the calendar didnt have those events saved. It is just blank… U can check sir…

There are only a handful of holidays. Tracking that would never be that paramount.

Humanity felled low when they asked Alexa what day is it today.

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Which one? which events you are talking about?

When clicked on the link in , its not adding any dates to google calendar like @Bhuvan told

sir… when we tap on “google Calendar” link on that post… it doesnt add any trading holiday such as most recent one “maha shivratri” - 21st feb 2020… (earlier I thought it is happening with me only due to some unknown setting in my account) but as @vishnux bhai commented… it is not working for him as well…
Sir I know we can add those dates manually too but since if we do it by ourself and share the calendar here with the community…most people will miss it for sure…

Sir, I have manually created one for my ease… and sharing the public link with the community just to make it easy for everyone…
NOTE- The events are just named as “Trading Holiday” because google calendar already has the feature to show the events/festivals names on the specific dates.
Link to the calender…

Trading Holidays - India
Saturday and sunday holidays are not included for obvious reasons…


@shiiromani Thanks for sharing

:slightly_smiling_face: happy to help…

For 2021, It’s decemeber but Google calendar link was not added still here :slight_smile:

If Google calender link can be added on zerodha portals / terminal or z connect / bulletin it will be easier for all to just click & sync on their G Calender