How to take positions for long duration in Bank Nifty?

Hi Traders,
Is it possible to take long positions in bank Nifty? If yes, then please tell me how to take it?
If there any tricks and tips releated to this, also share here.
All informations are welcome.

It’s all explained in zerodha varsity.

If it is BN futures, then load the BN future in your Kite marketwatch and then buy it to go long.

If it is BN options, then load the BN option in your Kite marketwatch and then buy it to go long.

Understand the movement and volatility of banknifty before you take an F&O trade in it. You cannot trade banknifty F&O if you do not understand what banknifty is doing.

Hi Srinivas,
Thanks for your reply. Now As we know that bank Nifty options are expiring every week. So Is it means that If I have to take long position in option like either in Call or Put then I have to exit in consecutive Week’s Thrusday ?

Please clarify this doubt.

BN is trading in both monthly as well as weekly expiries. The Thursday of the week will be expiry for the weekly option and the last Thursday of the month will be the expiry of the monthy option.

Ok ,bank
So Here , Banknifty Jan 25700 CE/PE will be called as monthly expire… and Banknifty 11th JAN 25700 CE/PE will be expire on Weekly on that date…
Am I correct… ?
If this is correct then I can take long position into Banknifty Jan 25700 CE/PE till last week thursday of Jan 2018.