How to take profit once candle touches pivot point above the buy candle in streak, and how to take profit once a 3 points up?

Streak code for resistance and support once candle touches and of the resistance or support as per buy or sell.

Hi @Khushboo_Naik,

Can you specify on what basis are you choosing support or resistance? Is it on the basis of Pivot point or any other indicator or are you using a chart for this?

I am using Zerodha chart and suppose I sell any trade once macd cross over happens and then I want to close the trade once candle touches any pivot points of the zerodha below the price I sold.

You can implement this in Streak. But you need to specify which pivot point line needs to be crossed also from which side. Based on the query, my suggestion is that you write to [email protected] with the details of your strategy and the team shall you with this.