How to track a possible Pair Trade and in which trading platform of Zerodha

I want to go for pair trades. but how to trace automatically in any of the currently available platform in Zerodha ( be it Kite/PI/Nest). Moreover is there any option for spread order in Pi?

I always execute pair trade in nifty and banknifty, go for a formula , divide banknifty by nifty, if ratio is above 2:15 , then bank nifty has rally more then nifty, so possibel short is available in bank nifty and long in nifty and vice versa , if ratio is below 2:15, but u should watch other macro factors before taking a call on short on bank nifty

There is no pre defined pair as such. Many believe that similar names form a pair, example - ICICI with HDFC or ACC with Ambuja. But this may not be true as a pair can be defined by means of statistics and pre defined notions.

For this reason, giving out a ‘Pair Trading’ template on a trading platform will always be a challenge.

You maybe interested in reading this about Pair Traidng -

HOw to do pair trading in zerodha Pie or Kite… u should include this in Zerodha… it would work wonders

Yes…we are waiting for pairs trading friendly platform in zerodha