How to trade in foreign country?

if suppose im going to a foreign country is that the same way to install software and trade?what about withdraws of funds from bank?can i access my visa debit card in that country or any others ways.

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Yes, you can install the software and trade in the same way you do it in India. I know that a few of the middle eastern countries don’t let you open trading websites, but we haven’t faced any such issues with people using Zerodha.

Yes, when you withdraw funds, you can use the VISA debit to withdraw it from any ATM.

Please clarify if you mean to trade on foreign markets. If you wish to trade the foreign markets say the US, then you need to have a US bank account number, Social Security or your VISA and a trading account. In the US, you can opt for E*Trade or AmeriTrade as they are the best discount brokers with advanced tech. However, full service brokerage doesn’t let you have accounts unless an American national.

Is Zerodha opening brokerage firm in foriegn country too?