How to trade in SLB Platform

How to trade in Stock Lending & Borrowing Platform??
And how much dose a lender earns in this trade???


You can track the NSE SLB marketwatch here:

If you have any stocks for which you see bids and if you would want to lend, you can create a ticket here:

Since this is being done in beta, we would need the minimum value of the stocks to be Rs.50,000.

It depends on the purpose someone is borrowing for. If its to cover for a short position in the equity segment, they could borrow at 1-2% of the prevailing market price to avoid getting charged a higher penalty. If its to do an arbitrage trade, they could borrow at the rates in proportion to the difference between spot and futures.

@VenuMadhav Can you please explain why the Bid/offer prices are way off than the share’s actual LTP?

The bids are not to buy the actual stock, but to borrow the stock for a certain period for which they’re paying a fee. You can read on the basics of SLB here.

I created support ticket. Got response that currently zerodha doesn’t support SLB

Thanks for the Info…:wink:

SLB is available in stocks securities. …

Is SLB available for gold (physical or certificate) ?

Is SLB available for bonds debentures MFs etc ?