How to trade nifty 50 spot in KITE

Hi, How to trade Nifty 50 spot in KITE? What is the code for it? I am able to see “Nifty Jun Fut” only.

Nifty 50 is an index , you can’t trade that directly , you can trade nifty50 through Nifty Futures contracts are available in kite for the months Jun , July , Aug …

hey @sivhyd_75 you can’t trade indices spot but you can trade it via derivatives i.e. futures and options

You cannot trade Nifty 50 or any other index directly. You can trade through derivatives (F&O) and ETF’s.

Currently three indices have F&O contracts:

Nifty 50
Nifty Bank
Nifty Financial Services

If you’re new to F&O trading, would suggest you go through Varsity, will help you learn everything about F&O.

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Thank you all, but in sharekhan it is possible and hence i thought in KITE also we can…

what are ETFs?

You may read all about it on Varsity - Exchange-traded funds (ETF) – Varsity by Zerodha.