How to trade on NSE

Hi there,

I am new to trading and have recently opened a trading only account.

How do i buy sharesof any company on the NSE.

If you are completly new to trading, Iā€™d suggest you start by reading stuff on


You need to have a demat account along with your trading account, in order to buy and hold the shares with you.

Your broker will provide a trading terminal using which you can then buy shares on NSE.

Brokers like zerodha give you a demo after installing the necessary software, so that you can get to know to how to buy the shares (basic buying and selling).

There are many blogs, forums around for learning the basics of stock markets. Just google around. You need to learn what stocks are, why they move, factors that driveĀ stock move, how to select best stocks from the market, how to read stock charts, finding support resistance etc. I would like to recommend you to read Traderji, trader's guide etc and some good books for learning the basics. Paper trade is also very importantĀ for newbies.