How to update average buy price after transferring stocks and/or bonds to Zerodha from other DP?

I want to update the average buy price of stocks and bonds that I have transferred from My ICICI Direct account. In order to.underatand.the returns I am getting I want to update the average buy price so that I can get the returns reflecting in my holdings.

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Hey Rohit, follow these steps to add discrepant values.

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Hi Bhuvanesh

I have done that twice but it still has not changed. What next??

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Kopran wrongly udpated twice

Hi Bhuvanesh

Still facing the same issue. Average price updated multiple times but its not getting updated. Can you please check?
Thanks a tonne for the support


Zerodha’s cust support informed me that Discrepancy values has been disabled till rollout of their new back office.

However, a new issue has cropped in, where prices of existing holdings (which were purchased in Zerodha) are not properly showing.

Hi There
All others resolved just one left. Average price of Zenith Fibres in my account is showing as 43.31 instead of 86.61.
Thanks a 100 times

Hi Bhuvanesh

Issue with Zenith Fibre average price still persists. Can you please help in resolving.

How to update ICICI Lombard general insurance average price in Zerodhai trued by using Q back office >Holdings and manually by editing in Post Discrepant table …but I couldn’t find any update …Is there any other alternate I could try please help me with your suggestions

Please help me regarding the same issue, I’m unable to update the Average buying price of the transferred stock to my another demat account


Please follow the steps given in the below link.

you can create a ticket from the same page if you still face issue regarding the same

Even now I am facing the same issue. Despite updating the correct information on the portal (not just once, did it twice), somehow the system is wrongly populating the data.