How to use SIP to cover tax benefits now that I only have 5 more months left?

PF Employee contribution is = 19,800 per annum.

PF Employer contribution is = 19,800 per annum.

So, that leaves me with 1,10,400 to fill up ELSS. How can I cover this amount through SIPs for the next 5 months so that I will be able to claim tax benefits?

Let’s say I invest 27,600 every month for the next 4 months, that would round up enough for me to claim the benefits… my question here is - will I be able to reduce the SIP amount after the fourth month or is it fixed?

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Yes. You can modify the SIP amount depending on the amount that you are willing to invest.

You can also use a combination of Lumpsum + SIP investment (Random example : 60000 lumpsum and 10000 every month and continue the same with 12500 every month next year) if you want to continue with your discipline of investing fixed amount every month to capture both upmove (appreciation) and downmove (getting more units at lesser cost)