How to verify Camarilla Pivot backtest signals?

Hi team @Hitesh_Streak @Streak

I know for the fact that Camarilla Pivot Points are not supported in ChartIQ. But Streak does support Camarilla Pivot Indicator, how and where to verify my signals??

This will help me a lot.

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Hello @Chaitanya.Sahu

To verify the trades of Camarilla Pivots on chart you must first note the OHLC data using the base timeframe that you have selected. Say if you have selected the base timeframe as 5mins and you want to plot the Camarilla Pivot S4 Level, note down the OHLC data of the previous day using 5mins timeframe. In your case, say you want to plot Camarilla S4 on Bank Nifty on 28th June 2022, so fetch the OHLC data of the previous day i.e, 27th June 2022 and accordingly the OHLC values are Open=34126.20, High=34134.80, Low=33736.95 and Close=33814.80. The formula used to calculate Camarilla S4 = Close – (High – Low) * 0.55 i.e, 33814.80 - (34134.80 - 33736.95) * 0.55 which is equal to 33595.98. Now plot a line at 33595.98 on charts and verify the results.


this is a nice workaround. Good one.

is there any pivot point calculator that is ready to use?? just add the values and it should give all the levels.

is it possible??

Thanks for the explanation

I found this calculator online. Just input the OHLC to derive the pivot value.

@nithin Many traders are requesting to add Camarilla Pivots on ChartIQ platform from many years. You can refer multiple threads on TradingQ&A.

As now streak is using is using Camarilla for strategies, can we expect that same can be added to ChartIQ platform. @siva

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yes. @nithin highly awaited indicator. Plz, do consider.

Camarilla pivots aren’t available in the Chartiq library. We will check with the charting library team to see if this can be included in the next update. We cannot assure you because Chartiq is the vendor’s product.

Camarilla pivot is available on the TV chart.